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‘The Return of Mark Broadbent’

Mark Broadbent: 43 at Eighty-Six
‘Bluebird devoured my soul,’ declares Mark Broadbent over the sound of builders, even before fresh coffee is poured. ‘On my last day there must have been 15 famous faces in the courtyard alone, from footballers to royalty – to the delight of the now ever present paps. I thought back to my first day when tumbleweed virtually blew through there. Four-and-a-half years on, turnover was approaching £6m.’

Lifestye Food Profile

Rochdale-born Mark has been executive head chef at the Conran Bluebird restaurant since 2004.

Influenced by his relatives’ taste for fine dining, it didn’t take Mark long to decide he wanted to be a chef. He got a part-time job as a pot-washer at a restaurant opposite his school called the Yew Tree and was promoted to one of the sections after a week.

Catering college was the next step and alongside his studies he worked in various restaurants in the Manchester area. His big break came when, at the age of 17, he got a commis chef job in Knightsbridge at the Rembrandt hotel. He then worked at the five-star Britannia Intercontinental, spending three years working under David Nichols. Before taking his current job, Mark was executive chef at Oliver Peyton’s Isola.